Light Rail

The Sound Transit East Link Project will bring high quality rail transit to Redmond starting in 2023 and will feature two Redmond-based stations: one at Esterra Park and another at the Overlake Transit Center at NE 40th Street from which commuters will enjoy 11-minute trips to Downtown Bellevue and 30-minute trips to Downtown Seattle.


The property is currently served by the RapidRide B-Line, with the King County Metro regional transit station positioned on the site’s south side and the Overlake Transit Center on its north.


Esterra Park features planned bike lanes through the center of the project, as well as a bike-only cycle track planned for 152nd. This planned bike access will augment area-wide bicycle infrastructure.


Esterra Park is adjacent to SR-520, with two exits serving the project: 148th Ave NE and NE 40th Street. With future plans to create an off-ramp exit at 152nd, drivers will get direct access to the property from 520.